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O N   T H E   S E A


Since the end of the 90s for ten years we have been roaming around Croatian islands for a few weeks every year, primarily the beautiful islands and harbours of Middle and South Dalmatia, during which we have discovered fantastic places. Back then relatively few charter sailing boats were travelling the sea in this region and it was usually possible to dock in the prettiest mooring places even having arrived past 5pm.

However the situation has changed significantly since. In the past decade, Trogir, Split, Hvar, Brac, Vis, Murter or Biograd have become incredibly popular and budy destinations, as a result a whole crowd of charter boats compete for free mooring slots every week. Therefore we could no longer find the peace and calm which has charmed us so in the 2000s, however, we stumbled upon the island of Pag instead, where this atmosphere is still palpable.

However, sailing only holidays may not be suitable for everyone. The disagreements on the boat are familiar to every experienced yachtsman such as whether to indulge in steaming, fresh mussels with a glass of wine or continue sailing in the evening wind. Furthermore, the weather can also create situations such as getting stuck without wind, where an alternative programme would come in handy. Moreover, on windless days our guests can take advantage of the opportunity of a motorboat waiting in the small port of the town, only a few steps away. This way the Beautiful, isolated beaches of the Pag bay become reachable, many of which can only be approached from the sea.

That’s why we offer
to our sailing lover guest


Here, on days suitable for sailing, starting from Simuni Aci Marina which is located 10km from the town of Pag, fantastic destinations are reachable, including Silba, Olib, Dugi Otok, Losin island, Rab or Cres. There is a high chance for meeting dolphins around Losinj. Fewer sailing boats are moving in this area, as it falls outside the busy charter routes and bays, while the natural environment is wonderful.