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G O O D   T O   K N O W



We furnished the apartment based our experiences over many holiday trips. We believe that one of the key conditions to a comfortable holiday is that if there is no need to pack up and carry half of the house with us. Thus we prepared a list of things not to bring because they are available:


Towels (3 per capita plus a large beach towel)


Beach bags

Kitchen cloths

Detergent (for both dishes and laundry)


Although our five-story building has a very comfortable staircase by local standards, we still recommend packing in multiple small or middle-sized bags instead of one large suitcase. This will make it easier to move around the house and after packing the empty bags will fit under the bed more easily.

The furniture on the ground floor was designed to be hollow with storage spaces under the seats. Here we have placed all kinds of useful things such as 4 large beach bags, 4 beach mattresses and a sewing kit. We also store a brushy curtain here which can be hung above the door if needed, as it is very practical against curious gazes. There is also a medicine box containing basic medications in the dining area.


The house is non-smoking. Aligning with local customs, smoking is permitted on the streets outside the house and on the terrace.


Two free parking cards belong to the apartment. Since the house is at the centre of the old town, parking is impossible directly in front of it. One of the cards applies to a specific parking slot, located at the square near the end of the street. Its GPS coordinates are as follows: N44.44440 E15.05586. The other card can be used to park at any free slot.


In order to help with carrying luggage, a foldable trolley is available. Resourceful guests (especially families with small children) have used this before during trips to the beach as well.

Furthermore our special “Full Fridge” service offers that we assemble all cooking ingredients, fruits and drinks for you in case you state your preferences and needs in advance.


In the old town rubbish is recycled and therefore must be collected selectively by tourists as well. Selective trash containers are placed at the end of the street, which can be used via the magnetic cards belonging to the house. Trash can only be placed into the container if the magnetic cards have been touched to the collector. Placing recycled waste is free, a fee must be paid only for disposing of communal waste, which is of course included in the rent.