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H O W   T O   A P P R O A C H


PPP apartman

It takes approximately 6-8 hours to reach Pag from Hungary, depending on traffic. The island is easy to approach via ferry from the North and on the South side it is connected to the mainland by a 340m long, freely available bridge, from the direction of Zadar, which is easily approachable from the highroad. Moreover, upon crossing the bridge, a breathtaking view unfolds, as the ruins of a castle from the middle-ages are visible at the entrance of the cove. Meanwhile, the ferry leaves from the small town, Priznan and arrives in Zigljen, a port embedded in a fully bare mountain of rock. Zigzag roads lead from here towards the middle of the island where the landscape gradually turns greener and greener.

In the summer, during the main holiday season the Croatian highways are crowded, especially on weekends. A fee must be paid for using the highroads at the entry gates where payments in cash (Kuna or Euro) or by debit card are both accepted. In order to avoid long waits at the gates we would recommend using ENC appliances. Further information about them can be found here: Most GPSs specify the road leading to the ferry as the shortest route, however our experiences suggest that it actually takes more time and therefore we recommend approaching the island through the bridge.